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Peru: “Deep Rivers” by José María Arguedas

Deep Rivers

The protagonist in José María Arguedas’ “Deep Rivers” begins with the premise that the mountain town of Cusco, Peru is “the big city.” As an orphan raised by servants, 14-year old Ernesto is thrilled to be embarking on a journey of discovery with his vagabond father. As they journey to Cusco, through the country, and ultimately to the town of where Ernesto is placed in a Catholic boarding school, Ernesto watches his father in muted awe, soaking in the opportunity to watch as the stories he has heard seem poised to spring to life. . . . → Read More: Peru: “Deep Rivers” by José María Arguedas

Cuba: “The Lost Steps” by Alejo Carpentier

The Lost Steps

“The Lost Steps” is a 1953 novel by Cuban-born novelist and musicologist Alejo Carpentier. The story begins with a reluctant composer/academic in New York City who spends most of his time avoiding his stage-actress wife, gallavanting around with his mistress Mouche, and pondering everything but work. . . . → Read More: Cuba: “The Lost Steps” by Alejo Carpentier